Traditional mountain bikes, where the legs are still the engine. One of the fastest and most conventional mobility methods ever. All supplied with hydraulic brake systems, to guarantee maximum precision and safety.

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  • MTB Hardtail

    Convenient bikes, for lovers of this sport. Mountain bikes that still offer a lot of security on more insidious terrain.

  • MTB Hardtail Superior

    Also bikes with front suspension, for all those who are looking for a higher class, given the carbon fiber frame and more agile gears to overcome even the most difficult climbs.

  • MTB Fully

    Typical bi-shocked cross country bike, which allows a comfortable ride in hill and mountain areas, increasing the pleasure of facing even some easy descents.

  • MTB Fully Enduro

    Bi-shocked bikes for all those who are looking for strong emotions. A lot of shock absorbers to guarantee absolute fun even on high mountain terrain and very technical things. Bike suitable for all those who like the adrenaline rushing on the very technical trails.

  • MTB Kids

    Mountain bikes for kids, with front shocks.